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Sustainable Energy
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Tupi Energy

Tupi Energy is an engineering and consulting company focused on developing innovative solutions that enable the supply of affordable, secure and sustainable energy. Our portfolio includes engineering consultancy and product R&D that meet the requirements of customers and local authorities. We aim to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and we are always committed to the best practices and standards issued by competent parties in terms of safety, quality and environment.


To build sustainable and productive environments through efficient engineering solutions.

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Nature Reflecting on Crystal Glass


To become a leader in engineering and consulting services in the energy industry.


Our values guide our team to make the best decisions while facing challenges that impact our business, customers, environment and communities. The way we operate and behave is driven by our five values: safety, respect, excellence, environment and sustainability. 


We foster a culture of safety to protect people, assets and the environment, promoting the eco-efficient use of technologies to reduce our environmental footprint. Safety is a core value and creating a safe and healthy workplace minimise the risk of personal, material and environmental accidents. Improving safety also makes the business more efficient.

Workers Wearing Helmets and Jackets


We act ethically and responsibly to build a transparent and trustful relationship with our stakeholders, and value our team as the most important asset in our company for the success. Our values are guided by principles of diversity and equal opportunities, promoting a culture of social integration.

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We strive to deliver our products and services with excellence to exceed our customers' expectations, adopting high quality procedures and implementing continuous improvement techniques within our management system.

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We seek a balance between energy and climate in an efficient and responsible manner to ensure the sustainability of resources and minimise the impact of our operations. We understand that the efficient use of energy minimises the impact on the environment, protecting natural resources and helping the sustainability of biodiversity.



Our operating methods are based on economic, environmental and social pillars and comprise sustainable processes that allow us to build long-term relationships with stakeholders and preserve resources.

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