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Gastech Exhibition & Conference 2021

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Released on 27 May 2021.

Tupi Energy will attend the Gastech Exhibition and Conference 2021, which will take place in Singapore, from September 13th to 16th.


Gastech is a global event that join stakeholders to discuss the energy transition path for a cleaner environment. In 2021, Gastech will bring together the full energy value chain, with over 4 days of unrivalled networking in a safe and secure environment. 


Leandro Soares da Costa, director at Tupi Energy, will present the paper “Enhancement of pre-existing natural gas pipeline to Hydrogen by applying internal coating in the field” in the technical conference September 15th at 15:30. This paper describes how the mechanism developed by Tupi helps efficiently gas infrastructure companies in the development of a dedicated hydrogen infrastructure network.


The lecture will be part of the session "Hydrogen & Alternative Gas Fuels - Alternative Energy Transportation".


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