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Climte change
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Climate Change

We all depend on energy to perform our daily activities. In order to prosper while tackling climate change, society needs to provide much more energy for a growing global population while finding ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The world is not on a sustainable path and needs a rapid transition to lower carbon energy in order to meet the goals defined in energy policies. This will involve meeting growing demand with energy that is cleaner, reliable and affordable.

Our approach 

Renewable energy sources, including hydro, biomass, and nuclear power, currently supply approximately 19% of global primary energy, in which around 1% comes from wind and solar, according to the International Energy Agency.

Our commitment to a low carbon future is based on the development of sustainable integrated systems in which renewable sources, such as wind, solar and hydrogen, play a key role in energy production. This allows the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the creation of low carbon businesses that support the energy transition.

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